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Ukraine how to help.

The YMCA Setúbal will start fundraising in order to build 5 to 8 YMCA Houses, which will be built in the former Creche space in Bairro da Bela Vista. The work will take 60 days and has an estimated value of 60,000 euros, which will be divided between donations of: Material, Volunteer and Cash.

How to Support:

  • Cash donation to the Branch of the YMCA Setúbal Headquarters - Avenida da Bela Vista 38, 2910-421 Setúbal

  • Bank transfer - see document with transfer details here

Download PDF • 208KB

  • Donation via Paypal

  • Presentation of the Fundraising Campaign in PDF (portuguese, soon in english)

Casa YMCA 2022_compressed
Download PDF • 1.45MB

May they find in the YMCA Homes a home away from Home.


The space where the apartments will be built was the area where the Day Care Center was located, which today is deactivated and unoccupied. It is about 400 square meters, which with the help of the entire population will be transformed into safe, comfortable and dignified homes.

They will house these war refugees for the time needed to adapt to a new country, culture, language and habits.

To build these spaces, we sectioned the supports into 3 they are:

  1. Skills Volunteering

    1. Bricklayer, plumber, tiler, handyman, painter, architect, interior designer, artist, engineer, and others

  2. Donation of goods

    1. Sand, cement, bricks, pladur, glue cement, ceramic tiles, tiles, doors, windows, interior and exterior paint, grout.

    2. Light bulbs, technical gutters, switches, outlets, electrical wire, faucets, bathroom fixtures, etc.

  3. Cash donations

First phase:

Permitting the space for living area;

Relocation of the ducts passage and wastewater collectors;

Optimization of the spaces according to the original plan of the area.

Second phase:

Construction, about 60 working days. Investment about 60 thousand euros.

Third phase:

Selection and allocation of houses.

Fourth phase:

After families have created independence the houses will continue with a similar goal, because this was a project already on the horizon of the YMCA for a few years but with the goal of reaching two types of young people:

  • Young students from any nation who:

    • come to intern at the YMCA or a partner;

    • come to study for higher education and need accommodation

  • Young workers

    • seeking family and economic emancipation.

In update.

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