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O que significa Empoderar?

A definição de empoderamento na YMCA é para jovens entre os 15 e os 30 anos e:

The space where the YMCA Camp Alambre is located was conceived to be the gateway to Arrábida. It was created in 1998 by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF) in order to raise awareness of nature preservation and to value protected areas as places of high national interest, such as the Arrábida Natural Park.


In this context the space would serve to house researchers, scientists and a ranger offering a space of total abstraction and calm, where the work had the least interruptions.


With the end of the work the project was canceled and the park closed for almost 10 years.


In 2008, YMCA Setúbal, with the support of the Setúbal Municipal Chamber and ICNF, became a management and investor entity in the recovery of bungalows and the Environmental Park.


The Importance of Alambre Environmental Park YMCA Camp Alambre is located in the Arrabida Natural Park. YMCA Setúbal assumes the responsibility to welcome and inform all those who are looking for Arrábida Natural Park as a tourist destination.


The ability to concentrate a wide range of tourism products is a major asset for local and regional development. YMCA develops associated services such as catering, hopitality, nature activities, crafts and other regional products.

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