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Only for foreigners - Join Our Team at YMCA Setúbal's Wilderness Summer Camps!

YMCA Setúbal Invitation Letter to International Staff Programe

Application to YMCA Camp Alambre Wilderness Summer Camps Counsellor - 2024

Dear applicant

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the YMCA Setúbal family.

The following information has been gathered to facilitate your understanding of our program, the work, our organization, and our territory.

We hope you find this information useful; If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We looking forward to hear more from you.

Best Regards,

Susana Santiago

Youth Department & Summer Camps Coordination

YMCA Setúbal

YMCA Setúbal

The YMCA was founded in Setúbal in 1905 under the name of the Christian Youth Union, and in 1920 it became the Christian Youth Association (YMCA). From 1930 onwards, with the Estado Novo, the association was forgotten and remained dormant until 1975, when Dr. Mário de Melo Pereira returned to give life to the ACM. In 2017, at a Board meeting, the new statutes were approved, adopting the international acronym YMCA, by which we are known in the more than 120 countries where we are present.

YMCA Setúbal is an IPSS (Private Institution of Social Solidarity) that employs about 100 people, and is located in 6 Centers spread throughout the Municipality of Setúbal. It develops a wide variety of programs including camps, support for community families, food bank, social actions, gyms, swimming lessons, as well as children's programs for nursery, kindergarten and leisure activity centers, vocational training and apprenticeship center.

YMCA Setúbal Camp Alambre

The space where the YMCA Camp Alambre is located was designed to be the gateway to Arrábida Mountain. It was created in 1998 by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF), with the aim of raising awareness of nature preservation and valuing protected areas as places of high national interest, as is the case of the Arrábida Natural Park.

Arrábida Park is closeby Atlantic Ocean (6km distance) and helds a big coast of white sand beachs and great seasight view.

In this context, the space would serve to house researchers, scientists and a forest ranger, offering a space of total abstraction and tranquility, where the work would have the minimum of interruptions. With the end of the work, the project was canceled and the park closed for almost 10 years.

In 2008, the YMCA, with the support of the ICNF, became a managing and investing entity in the recovery of the bungalows and the Environmental Park. The YMCA Camp Alambre is located in the heart of the Arrábida Natural Park.

The YMCA assumes the responsibility of welcoming and informing all those who seek the Arrábida Natural Park as a tourist destination. The ability to concentrate a wide range of tourism products represents a great opportunity for local and regional development. The YMCA develops associated services, such as: catering, hospitality, nature activities and regional products.

During summer we organize wilderness summer camps to kids from 6 to 17 years old. We use to use around 500 participants during entire summer camps.

Our Camps are bilingue (English/Portuguese) and beside wilderness and camping in big tends, participants do a mix of adventure and outdoor activities as climbing, caves circuit or cannoing and other cooperative games, as water games or night games and team building activities.

Collaboration Opportunity

International Camp Counsellor

Number of placement opportunities: 4 (2 slots for each turn : turns of 4 weeks)

Placement Periods: Period I - June 21 to July 20, 2024/ Period; II - July 19 to August 17, 2024.


Age: from 18 to 30 years old

Good level of English

Preferencialy with previous experience in Summer Camps.

We are looking for people with the ability to be positive role models for children and teenagers. Applicants must be able to represent our mission, to help provide opportunities for campers to grow and develop as individuals in a positive and safe environment. Maturity, teamwork, a high level of self-motivation and compliance with our Code of Conduct are essential skills for a successful summer camp monitor.

Being a summer camp monitor can be a very fun and rewarding experience. The camp provides unique and special opportunities and experiences for young people; We are looking for people who feel rewarded for providing these experiences to children and who are open to work in a child-centred environment, providing them with positive learning and fun experiences.

Skills of an efficient monitor:

Child-centered: Demonstrates an ability to provide a child-centered environment and program that is appropriate for their development and age.

Values: Demonstrates a high level of commitment to YMCA Setúbal's mission and its core values of Care, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.

Leadership: Motivates and inspires yourself and others to take action to achieve desired results.

Service Orientation: Deliberately identifies and creates opportunities to improve each person's experience at the YMCA.

Communication: Communicates thoroughly, clearly, and in a timely manner.

Health Concern: Recognizes and understands how to manage and educate others about risk and harm reduction.

Attend pre-camp Staff Training and YMCA Centers Visits (June 21-22, 2024 for first turn; July 19-20, 2024 for second turn).

Actively participate as a counselor during the camps, which are scheduled from June 23 to August 17, 2024.

Actively participate in the moments of reflection at the end of the day, with the team of monitors and coordination of the Summer Camp.

Each person will be placed according to their skills and registration. We ask everyone to be flexible and see this as an opportunity to improve the programs.

Participants are responsible for flight tickets and any other expenses incurred during their stay.

YMCA Setúbal will provide

Accommodation in the camping area of YMCA Camp Alambre.

Transfer from Lisbon Airport to YMCA Camp Alambre.

Personal accidents insurance.

Meals will be provided by YMCA Setúbal.

Salary around €300 per week (depending experience).

How to apply

If you or any member of your community has decided to participate in this great program, you can fill out the application form attached to this package.

YMCA International Field Program Application Form.

You will also need to provide 1 letter of reference.

Send us this information till March 31, 2024 to CIS (area responsible for organizing the program)

What need to bring with you

Take in consideration summer in our venue can very hot with sunny day, but at night might be fresh, windy and cold.

sleeping bag


Small backpack for outings

Cap or hat


Warm clothes for the night

Comfortable shoes



Insect repellent


Beach towel

Bath towel

Hygiene products

Bottle/ canteen

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