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Body, Mind and Spirit. What does it mean?

We have all heard of the balance represented by the Triangle of the YMCA, which has its origin in the interpretation of various passages in the Bible where it is repeated that God observes us on three inseparable levels, they are Mind, Body and Spirit.

There are no nebulous interpretations of what it means, it simply concerns a person's mental, physical and emotional/spiritual health.

I'm sure you've noticed that when something upsets you mentally or emotionally, you begin to manifest physical symptoms, and the reverse also occurs. Your heart races, you start to sweat more than usual, you have trouble sleeping, problems tend to occupy your mind - some people reach the limit of lethargy and fatigue. This happens when your mind, emotions, and body are out of balance.

However, when you are physically well, the mind is at peace, and emotionally you are likely to feel happy, more available for acts of kindness, and more grateful. Physically you are more relaxed and available to take on greater challenges.

The connection between mind, body, and spirit

Dealing with struggles is a part of life that can't always be avoided. Strengthening the connection between mind, body and spirit takes effort, see how these three factors work together to benefit your overall health:

Healthy Mind

You to maintain a healthy mind should exercise your brain regularly, and stress and worry should be put into perspective with past situations and you will find that you will be able to pick out some of the problems you face: "If you are sad, it will pass. If you're happy, it will pass". Positive thoughts, gratitude, and a sense of joy are present, and there is a thirst for knowledge and learning. Just as the brain requires sleep every night, the brain also requires things to think and ponder.

Healthy Body

A healthy body is better prepared to face illness and accidents, and more resistant to pain. The health of the body is only possible through a healthy diet, good nutrition, and regular exercise.

A healthy body naturally wants to move and seeks activity. Maintaining physical health also includes having regular medical checkups to detect illness.

Healthy Spirit

Being spiritual by centering and having the understanding that we are part of something much greater than Self. Acting is vital to a healthy spirit, sharing with others and having others share, giving without expecting anything tangible in return. A healthy spirit requires love, understanding, respect, empathy, responsibility, solidarity, honesty and optimism.

The YMCA and the healthy lifestyle

It is true that it is not possible to be truly healthy if there is a problem with the mind, body or spirit. Holistic "healing" involves addressing all three levels in a variety of ways that are natural and non-invasive.

The YMCA Team works with Mind, Body and Spirit for your overall health.

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